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Development Cooperation between Finland and Nepal

Development cooperation is the keystone of the relations between Finland and Nepal. By means of development cooperation, Finland can contribute to poverty reduction, advancement of the peace process, establishment of democracy in society, improvement of human rights and promotion of environmentally sustainable development in Nepal.

Picture: Milma Kettunen
Water is one of three main sectors of development cooperation between Finland and Nepal.

By supporting Nepal, we can seek to influence stability in Southern Asia, too, which serves the interests of Finland’s foreign and security policy. Finland has exceptionally good possibilities to gain visibility and results in its strong sectors, because relatively few donors are based in Nepal.

Bilateral development cooperation

Bilateral development cooperation between Nepal and Finland is based on pdfCountry Strategy (2013-2016). The aim of the Strategy is to support Nepal to implement its 13th Development Plan. In the realization of the Country Strategy, the Nepalese Government’s ownership is respected and harmonized and effective aid mechanisms are supported.

Finland’s development cooperation with Nepal focuses on three sectors; forestry, education and water. In these sectors, Finland has special expertise and a long history of cooperation. Effective development cooperation is grounded on long-term commitment.

In addition to the main sectors, Finland promotes cross-cutting themes such as good governance and human rights, gender equality and mitigation of climate change

The value of bilateral cooperation is approximately EUR 20 million per year. In addition, Finland supports the work of Finnish NGOs’ development projects in Nepal. Total budget of Finnish NGOs and their local partners was EUR 4.7 million in 2013.

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Supporting instruments of the development cooperation

In addition to the Country Strategy, Finland offers funding from separate financing instruments. These don’t compete for the funding with the Country Strategy.

Inter-institutional Development Cooperation

Fund for Local Cooperation

Finnish NGOs' Cooperation


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