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News, 1/16/2018

Embassy employees awarded for their services

The Finnish state honours system includes decorations belonging to two Orders: the Order of the White Rose of Finland, established in 1919, and the Order of the Lion of Finland, established in  1942. The decorations are conferred upon persons who have distinguished themselves in the service of Finland, and in recognition of outstanding civilian or military conduct. The President of the Republic of Finland serves as the Grand Master of the Orders and has the exclusive right to confer decorations.

Citizens of Finland receive their decorations on the Independence Day, December 6. The Finnish media marks the occasion by interviewing and publishing the names of those decorated. The decision to award a person is based on proposals submitted to the Prime Minister's Office well in advance. The decorations may be awarded also to foreign nationals.

In 2017, the 100th year of independence of Finland,the President awarded three employees of the Embassy of Finland in Kathmandu  First Class Medals of the Order of the White Rose of Finland: Mrs Bhim Kumari Shrestha , Mr Kailash Chaudhari and Mr Shree Krishna Phuyal have carried out commendable work and shown commitment in their duties when serving Finland  - all of them  already for 25 years, since the establishment of the Embassy.

Bhim Kumari Shrestha has been carrying the housekeeping duties of the Embassy in a responsible way even in occasionally difficult situations. She is flexible, independent, and always co-operating with the other members of the staff in a commendable way.

Kailash Chaudhari has been working with Finns already before the establishment of the Embassy in the Finnish funded water and forestry project. His job description in the Embassy covers numerous duties from delivering the mail to managing the property maintenance. Even during the difficult periods of the earthquakes and blockade he was able to handle the situation and keep the Embassy running without any disturbances.

Mr Shree Krishna Phuyal has also been working in the Finnish funded forestry project before the establishment of the Embassy. His current position as the Head of the Watshmen is of crucial importance for the safety of the Embassy, and he has carried it out in a commendable way.

While handing over the Medals, Ambassador Jorma Suvanto expressed his sincere thanks to all three for the 25 years of serving Finland with distinction.

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Updated 1/16/2018

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